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Episode 9

Lauren Kreter is the owner of Borrowed, a vintage rental company specializing in vintage china and flatware. She has such a sweet outlook on life and how her "unkown" passion became the seed that transformed and piloted her life. 

Episode 8

It was an honor to sit down with Maggie Converse (yoga and meditation teacher, reiki practicioner, body image activist and more!). Maggie brings us through the journey of her life, through her evolution into the healing field, she shares her own intimate, vulnerable story. "Jump and trust yourself," is what Maggie believes a whole hearted life needs as that's what worked best for her. 


Episode 7

Kelly Ingraham, founder and owner of Inner Light Wellness in Darien, CT, speaks about her journey to becoming a wellness business owner as she follows the evolution of her dharma. 


Episode 6

I am honored to have had the oppurtunity to speak with Julie Coyne, founder and creator of Education Hope. Julie is a native of Norwalk, CT, traveled to Guatemala in 1994 to study Spanish and stayed on to work as a volunteer. Having developed deep bonds with many of the families she was working with in the rural communities, Julie dreamt of the opportunity to provide the opportunity of good education to the children she came in contact with. Listen to learn more about how  manifested her dream and continues to do so.  


Espisode 5

Arianne O'Donnell, owner and founder of The Salt Cave of Darien, speaks about her journey into her salt cave passion and what she would shout out to the world about following what feels right within!



As Donna Jackson, studio owner of Saraswati's Yoga Joint, speaks about grace and how to unleash that grace in order to follow your true dharma, I was left with chills. Donna's wise words about her journey through the yoga world and her mission on this Earth is commendable and inspirational. 


Episode 3

Listen to Kirsten Miglio, Ak'bol Resort owner and yoga teacher, speak about how her dreams came true and she is not stopping there! 


Listen in to learn from Christina Nicole, energy healer, spiritual coach and somatic healer. Christina's journey to becoming a "Shero of the Now" and gain tools on finding your own dharma!


Emily Tully and guest Lindsay Weisenthal, founder of Soul Rising, redefine what it means to be an empowered woman creating a life and career on your own terms.