Emily’s energy and love for all things spirit/ heart/ growth is undeniably contagious


Marisa Siegel, 2nd grade teacher

My students get so excited when Miss Tully comes for our weekly Mindfulness sessions!  She creates a very calm environment where my students can relax and take a break from their busy day. Miss Tully takes control of my class and in a short time has really gotten to know my students. It is obvious Miss Tully loves what she does and is very passionate about teaching Mindfulness.

Danna Cooney3rd Grade teacher

Emily has been practicing mindfulness with my third grade class since the beginning of the year. The activities/lessons she presents are age appropriate and engaging. Many of the children follow through with their breathing techniques at home. I have seen a difference in their attitude and presence in class. The person that benefits the most from her lessons is me!!  Using our "mood meter" has helped me regulate my emotions and let's me convey my feelings to my class in a way they can relate to.  Thank you Emily for bringing mindfulness to our classroom!

Karen, Parent of Mindfulness Student

I am Nate's mom and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think the mindfulness work is that you are doing.   Nate was teaching me how to relax during a stressful time recently.  He taught me how to breathe and I was astonished when he started giving me visualization techniques and talked about letting things go. He really enjoys teaching me  the techniques he has learned from you and clearly he has learned a lot.  Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am and how your work has had a wonderful ripple effect.  In this day and age with so many distractions , it is so valuable to emphasize this.   Keep up the great work and I hope you have a great weekend.  


Spiritual Master Class (SMC) AKA. Spiritual Warrior class

Anonymous SMC student

Emily's energy and love for all things spirit/ heart/ growth is undeniably contagious. With a keen ear and eye for ego-based thoughts and emotions, and a heart as big and vibrant as the sun, she helped me learn how to decipher between my two BS's... Big Self and, well the other BS ;) Her tailored journal prompts, intentions, phone calls, and texts helped me take strides with my confidence, my career, knowing my truth, and manifesting my dreams. The four months we worked together were some of the most supportive, loving, and traction-building months I can remember. Everyone needs a dose of Emily in their life; it is the best gift you can give yourself.

Sarah H.

Participating in SMC has been exactly what I have needed - and isn’t that how the universe works. When I look back at my first notebooks from Week 1 - I truly wasn’t sure what my gifts were. I was still in so much of a fog. And, while I still am in a fog, being aware of what sets my soul on fire, what helps me feel alive, being aware of other people’s energy, of my own energy, the master class has given me tools to stay in tune, to stay aware, to “stay woke” if you will. Since that first week momentum has certainly shifted, and while I still struggle with agoraphobia, anxiety, and dark days of depression (and I have tools for that too) I have also found my purpose again. Old wounds have been reopened in order to lean in and learn from. I don’t want any stone overlooked in my pursuit of living my best life. SMC has given me questions and ideas and journal prompts in order to lean in and listen to what my heart really wants. Additionally, the universe has responded, and things are starting to pick up pace.

As I have refined and focused my personal goals and personal gifts, found comfort in who I am, and continue to make good company with myself and find my belonging within, so too has the outside world manifested so much of what I need.

I am teaching yoga 3 times a week and loving it. I am working on curriculum for mindfulness at the high school (in which I have coined it “The Work”) I am working with a dear friend on athletes and stress (perhaps you can be a guest speaker at one of our events someday), I am working on my writing more than ever. I have refined my goals and intentions of how I want to be and live in the world. I am putting one foot in front of the other, and one breath by breath working toward making my ideal life a reality… of course surrendering to some greater force that might actually know what is better than me than I do.

Lastly, I am so grateful to be surrounded by women who empower and uplift not only myself but the community. It is an honor to call you a friend, and while you have certainly helped me, all of what I want is within, and you have gracefully “coached” it to fruition.

SMC has given me tools to think about myself and my world differently. it has challenged me to grow, and it has challenged me to look at the core of what I want. Once we know what we want, then we work our ass off to get there. And I think the powers that be celebrate people who never give up :)


Rachel P.

Emily is such a passionate and inspirational woman, and you can feel that in her work. Whether you’re simply taking an hour long class with her or working with her on a deeper level to find your true purpose, she will leave you feeling grateful and in awe of yourself, as you are.  

bob w.

"Emily clearly loves what she does and puts everything she has into teaching Yoga, not only the exercise, but the overall good feeling environment that she is so skillful at creating." 

Samantha G.

Emily’s yoga classes are sweet, sweaty, and centering. I love how she solicits student requests, then thoughtfully sequences poses which cater to students of all-levels. I always leave refreshed and energized!