I truly believe that we are ALWAYS students  evolving and the moment that we think or act like we are not, we downgrade our life in more ways than one. With that being said, I adore my role as a yoga teacher and a mindfulness coach, but more importantly I am in love with the whole package. I am a forever learner and this path of teaching fosters growth down a path that helps me live out my soul's intended path (my dharma). When you work with me or come to my classes, you will feel my passion because that is the way my heart truly radiates. I want everyone around me to be touched by this meaning of life the way that I have been. I have seen such pivotal shifts mentally, spiritually, and physically since practicing and teaching both yoga and mindfulness. I believe that this is my birthright to share my story through my profession with the world. I choose to do that through my art. My art may not be on a canvas (sometimes it is though!) but more in the way I move through this world with my heart, painting a picture and home for each soul that I come in contact with. 

My manifesto is exactly what I do each and every day. I will teach you a sweaty and sweet vinyasa class, but it will be all soul, baby. I will teach you a mindfulness workshop and it will be informative and professional, but you will likely laugh (a lot). Life is meant to be lived; it's meant to see everything around you and use that to upgrade and transcend to the full meaning of life as it is to you and your heart and soul. I just get the luxury in assisting you in the process. 

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