Practice: The Space Between

What do you do when change comes for you? Do you accept and run with the flow and current of you? Or do you stand in reluctance and fear, resisting what could be?

I haven’t written in so long. I feel like I am a broken record when I say that. Things are changing and I know when this happens I shake in my yoga pants and just want to pull the Band- Aid off already, coming out the other side unscathed. Learning how to stay in the grace space or the grace note, as Mark Nepo calls it, is the sweetest part- yet it is the most difficult space (incubator) to reside. The grace note is the note on a music sheet. It is the space where it is silent before the next note begins. Pranayama (breath work) in yoga has something similar.  We call the space in between the inhale and exhale the Kumbhaka. Just as the Earth needs the dormant winter to spring into vitality, the same goes for the human spirit. However, we need to sit in that Kumbhaka and pause, incubate what can be. If we rush through the waiting and the discomfort, we will not be primed for there are lessons in the space between.

The other day in yoga my theme was that we are all in transition in some way, shape or form. I added the song “The Space Between” by Dave Matthews Band on my playlist. I hadn’t listened to these lyrics for quite some time. It ends with the lyrics, “... is hope.” The space between is hope. It’s a trust in the universe that this revolution and cycle has purpose and just cause. Personally, I am done  with the hustle. I look back at my last decade of life and I am so grateful. I am so proud of what I know and what I have accomplished. I know that this space right now is meant for me to slow down and receive. I know that it is here to show me that I am worthy now and I was then. I have been gifted the knowledge that there is no need to prove yourself (not in a yoga room, at home, in your head etc.) and that you are good and deserve to manifest your wildest dreams. Frankly, if you feel like you have to defend or prove yourself… you have more inner work to do before you take another step forward. That’s what my soul has screamed to me the past year or so.

I am learning to love transition (even on days when it doesn’t seem possible:)). Yes, sometimes it feels like I want to unzip this body and step out into the next chapter. It is all in the name of passion and love. When this sort of “defiance” comes I know I need my meditation for that tells me that I can trust, I am safe and there is a design for me. I can then resort to compassion as I know that I just want this seed, which has already come into fruition, to mold.If I try to mold it myself it is the same as ordering a meal from a restaurant and then going back into the kitchen to tell them how to make it.* I will let the universe take the wheel and I will trust, with hope, that this is the path of my soul, my heart.  

*those who know me well actually know that this analogy is accurate for me as I modify and basically order and try to go back in the kitchen to help. Yup.

Emily Tully