Practice: Heart Talk

Hey Yogis. I feel like it’s been forever since I sat down and wrote for you, with you. It’s been forever since I shared my heart. SO here I go, practicing my heart talk.

In the past 6 months, I have had the opportunity to meet with so many inspirational humans and so many empowering organizations to facilitate what I believe this world needs more of; love. Love through meditation, mindfulness, yoga and all things healing. Through this, I have stepped so much closer into my heart space and realized what was blocking me from feeling this beautiful vibration all along. The one thing holding me back was not a devastating break up, a familial wound, or anything else that has caused me pain along this journey of life. The one thing holding me back from this heart space was my own thought process that I was holding on to as a result from this pain. I was constantly second guessing my actions and the words that I said, even when they were with loving intent. Did I say the wrong thing? Should I not have done that? Was that too much? Are they going to think I am way out there? This was how I moved through the world. In doing so, I was blocking the palpable vibration of love and staying stagnant in the low vibration of fear.

The more I stepped into this heart space, the more I was dissolving these insecurities. I have opened my heart up to the vibration of love. Ok Em, that sounds all sweet and all, but how do I do that?!?... I think I have a little tid bit of magic to share with you, sweetie.



  1. DO NOT DARE let others tell you how to love- how to follow your heart or what is right or wrong for your heart. Some of the biggest mistakes I have made with my heart have lead me to where I am right now… which means they were the right thing at that time.

  2. Don’t listen to your head all the time. It’s logical and if it was like my old hardwiring, it will tell you that the decision you are making is incorrect and to play it safe. Sometimes love is messy and it requires you to jump in and trust… you won’t second guess a thing if it’s right.

  3. I don’t mean love with a partner, I mean love as in living your life in a loving vibration… with your entire being in the forefront. Stop thinking love has to be given to you by another person. When you find this love with someone else, that’s a bonus.

  4. If you have good intentions, it’s never wrong. It’s not your fault if your audience has turned your gem into a rock. Stay true to your heart.




Emily Tully