Wow, I was sifting through past blogs and this one stuck to me. This is pre- full marathon and all it tells me is the bigger and braver we reach into depths of who we are, the more joyous this journey. I am a strong believer that it is vital to truly reminisce, not dwell, in lessons you have learned over the years. It's the invisible blanket of pride and humility interwoven for your own safety and security moving through this world....

June 20th

I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half marathon. I was a top 5 fundraiser for St. Jude’s. I traveled many hours across the country (due to my lack of booking “efficient” flights). Friends and family were even intending to track me via text during the race! This sounds like I am boasting here, yet I saw all of this as pressure for perfection. It took me by the hand and literally guided me to the Space Needle start line. I think any human being would feel the same in this situation. It’s almost humorous what the ego will tell you in order to be the “best” version of yourself. Good thing my yogi roots have taught me that my best possible version of myself is me, in rarest form!

The week following up to this race. I think I actually got in more cycling classes than running routines. In one of my cycling classes,  the instructor opened the class about being present and how we never know what’s around the corner. Just be present wherever you are; whomever you are with. I did that this entire class and didn’t know that her words would have a lasting  impression on me or my half marathon regime.

Indeed, I remembered her words when I ran my marathon. Yes, I have been told this every yoga class I have ever taken and I tell that to my students the same. But for some reason, it came alive when I was running. My mind wanted to go into the negative; wanted to say that I was too tired and I should slow down. It wanted to tell me that the girl in front of me was running “funny”! When I took a deep breath in, I was reminded to stay in the moment; in my body. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to be here the whole 13.1 miles.

I received a personal record of 1 hour and 40 minutes for this race. I am not sure if it was because of my presence, the course, or the support behind me and along side of me. I am so grateful for it all. Being present and soaking in all of your surroundings, getting out of that mind chatter is essentially what the being needs and wants. I am so grateful that in this situation and experience I was reminded of just that. Practice: Being Present

Emily Tully