Not entirely sure if this is just a reverberating light holding it’s flame from last night’s interview with Donna Jackson, studio owner of SYJ, for “Sheroes of the Now” podcast, but I am feeling such clarity with the word grace this morning. Grace as a verb is defined as “to do honor or credit to by one’s presence”. After all of these years I have only truly contemplated the word grace as a noun or adjective; as elegance and the way one holds composure with ease. When thought of as a verb, grace holds such a powerful and enriching tone that can be felt by the beholder and yet only sustains luminosity when put into that “doing honor or credit to by one’s presence”.

So, hello, grace and welcome to my temple. I have been waiting to feel you. I do know that once turned inward, you are not ignited. It take guts, effort and elbow grease to dig into the depths of murky water within, find you and then feel you. Once felt, I must take the  kindle of you out in the world to stoke and spread with such ease, for this is my dharma (purpose on this Earth).

Ruminating to find what you are passionate about can help you enter the temple of you, yes. The willingness and guidance to serve and spread this passion is grace. Find all the things and people that light you up. Surround yourself with those things and people. In there is the package and container of grace. Never stop filling that container. :) Xo

Emily Tully