PRACTICE: Being Emotional

Well, that title just made me feel liberated from emotional hindrance and a release from stigmatic fabrications of the word "Emotional" already! I have been wanting to write something about this topic for a while, but didn't have a handle on it the way I wanted. After taking a course on Mindfulness and looking deeply into the cognitive being and emotions, I am SO ready! Buckle up, babes.

I feel that my whole life I have been under the impression that I had to act as if everything is "fine" and "good" when really everything inside didn't feel even the slightest of those mediocre adjectives. I feel that we are all living such busy lives and in our own "to-do" lists, where we don't have the chance to ask ourselves how we are doing inside, let alone sit and become the observer of our emotions. What are they {emotions} trying to tell us? Are they fleeting or is a reoccurring state that is trying to wake me up to something (spiritually, mentally or physically?!

The word emotion comes from "e" "motion"; energy in motion. Emotions can come and go in 90 seconds, but the cognitive being likes to keep them around and bring up experiences in the past where/when you have felt that emotion before. This can either be negative or positive. Just like the word emotion, if you don't like the emotion, stop thinking and MOVE it. How? Physically move your body, breathe to move the energy, meditate, do something new and exciting even if everything in your body is telling you not to. If this emotion is really sweet and soothing, bask in it. Simply use all of your senses to understand it and take the time to just be. Look around and see what is in front of you, both literally and figuratively. However, sometimes this emotion needs to stay to teach you and isn't ready to leave until you "see". Be patient. 

I have been practicing a Mindfulness lesson each and everyday and it is to check my mood on a Mood Meter. It is a four quadrant meter , noting your energy level and feelings. Today I walked into work and put myself in the "blue" (low energy, unpleasant feeling). I am normally a "green" gal (low energy, pleasant feeling), so this took one of my students by surprise. She came over to me very concerned and asked if I was OK. I thought about how I should respond to her and then it occurred to me that that if I am modeling mindfulness, I want my students to know that I am a human; that humans go in and out of emotions. This is not right or wrong and it is SO OK. I responded, "I woke up and felt kinda unpleasant. I have tried all my tools to put me in the green, but this emotion wants to stay right now. I am going to let it until it needs to pass."  My student looked at me baffled and nodded in an "I get it" kind of way. :) 

Imagine a life where everyone was transparent with what's going on inside and everyone was able to put down that ten ton shield  in order to be seen as an emotional being? I think that if we all became really honest and accepting of all the emotions that pass through us, we will all display and radiate more self worth, compassion,  and self love. I believe that mental shifts will happen and vibrancy will rise as a collective. Let's do this! :)

Emily Tully