PRACTICE: The Art Of Poetry

Here is my latest poem. It was a whole lotta tears, but it's the realest and rawest me. XO


Love Appears

By Emily Tully


Fear hides in the door that last slammed,

Even it’s hinges still trembling in fright and uncertainty.

Or in each groove of the fingerprints still tattooed on it’s brass knob.


Fear hides on the tip of your tongue,

Or crumbled haphazardly in your 5th pocket.

Or even in the broken melody, shaking in your boots the moment you make the initial proclamation of love to your mate.


Fear hides in the fresh ink,

Or in the Times New Roman 12 point font,

On the invisible contract that you thought would keep your heart safe.

It hangs at the end of each letter, in each word, as you meticulously and carefully embroider a boundary line around your heart space.


Fear hides in the bitten nails,

The salt in each tear drop, stale and fresh alike.

Or in the dew, lubricating your swollen palms as you listen.

Listen to your mate willingly denounce his or her love for you,

effortlessly untieing that permanent safety net you thought you had once crafted.


Fear hides in the foreign thump, thump, thump,

radiating through your wilting body,

As your hand clasps the driver’s wheel,

forcing you, like a rag doll, into the horizon.


But just then….


Love appears. Real love. This time in the toll booth gate,

Patiently waiting and beckoning you to enter new terrain.

Or in the stammer of your past,

asking you to, “Please, come back.”


Love appears in the sweet embrace of your skin; your own flesh!

Holding you together more tightly than any hand-made cocoon did or would in this world.

Or it appears riding on the back of a Golden Retriever puppy,

affirming you that you are so adored and wet-kissable.


Love appears in the billowing steam dancing as it escapes your BFF coffee mug,

it’s comforting efforts here are done,

And in the dollop of happy tears,

that stream down your rosey cheeks,

declaring this new chartered territory: freedom and self love.


Love appears in the sea of smiles,

seated neatly across from you on the silent commuter train,

Or it glides spontaneously into the moment on a magic carpet,

corralling you to join in on the miracles manifesting around and within you.

No hesitation, nor judgment- you join.


Love appears the very instant that fear dissipates and dissolves,

And your worth is defined and declared- by you, your inner guide.

Or In the vulnerability that grants your heart permission to be unmasked and seen for the first time in your entire life.  


Love appears in you, your story, and your truth.


Emily Tully