PRACTICE: Stabilizing

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by big ships, to the point where I was watching and buying any material I could get my hands on about these luxury liners, especially the Titanic. And one thing that I learned about these luxury liners is that they have something called a stabilizer, which are like a set of airplane wings coming out from either side of the ship in the water. Their purpose, given their name, is to make the ship’s journey more pleasing for the guests; they won’t feel the undulating waves in the ocean blue. However, sometimes the guests do feel the waves and the stabilizers (which are always there, nonetheless) are doing their job, but the waves and gale are just too strong leaving the boat like a buoy, rocking back and forth. The guests might go to sleep a bit uneasy, yet still wake up the next day to a calm, stable ship.

This vision is always in my head. In life, we have stabilizers, which are within us when we may be triggered by an outside source. These can also be coping mechanisms when we feel “off”. Other stabilizers are people in your life that just make you feel more wholesome. However, even when the ocean gets rough and it seems like you have lost your balance. 

One quote that keeps ringing in my head is, “You are the sky and everything else is just the weather.” Feel this. Some days it’s foggy, others it’s a bit heavy, others it’s really sunny and bright, and some days it’s a quite snow dusting. Breathe and know that you always, always, always make it back to calm and easy waters. Below are 3 ways that always help me when I am feeling "off" and can ZAP a "eh" mood before it even hits ya!

3 ways to “Stabilize”:

  1. Gratitude List- When I wake up and am a little “eh!” or catch myself (before I even get out of bed) complaining about ANYTHING in my day, I make myself write a gratitude list. What am I grateful for today? This way I am reminded that I am lucky and this weather is not my sky! I may even text someone first thing in the morning something sweet (because who doesn’t want a sweet text in the morning!)

  2. Find your “thing”- What do you like to do that has nothing to do with work or (I am sorry to say) electronics? Those of you who know me, I love moving my body, especially if I am feeling “off”.

  3. Sit with it- When we are “off” it is uncomfortable. Generally, your emotions and energy are trying to tell you or show you something. Sit for 2-3 minutes and just listen to the sounds around you. Open the window or door and smell the air. This mindfulness practice will help shift some of that energy and restore (perhaps without you even knowing!)

Emily Tully