PRACTICE: Listening

Let me just preface this whole blog by stating that I am presently “training” for a FULL marathon (which is in 45 days). “Training” is in quotations because I go out and have a number of miles that I think I am supposed to run that day, and it often ends up not that number. This and my perfectionistic ego have had many scuffles, to the point where I have heard enough (like the mother in the grocery store with the two kids fighting over a piece of candy), and all out vetoed running to alleviate the self induced stress. This sounds nuts, but stay with me.

After many podcasts and self help books, as well as talks with my closest friends, I have came to terms that this “being uncomfortable” in the scuffle is what we need to feel. We must listen to our body and sometimes the fight that our ego is having, in order to soften. We need to start listening to what our heart and soul are TRULY telling us, rather than what all the “shoulds” are telling us. For example, I have been listening to what I want to do lately much more often and taking inventory of what I can take off of my to-do list and put on tomorrow’s (and so forth). I also enjoy running now because my mentality has completely changed as I set out and just do what I feel like doing. This mentality of listening rather than pushing through will spill over in all areas of your life. Maybe you always say “Yes” to plans and now you will respond with, “I will have to see how I am feeling that day” or just a flat out “No” if that’s how you feel.

Listening does not mean to stop everything and not go after your dreams. It means that there are many habits in our lives that aren’t aligning with our dreams and the more we listen and soften, the more we tune into the channel of our souls, in turn have the ability to manifest our dreams from a place where it’s fueling and invigorating, rather than a rat race of depletion. So today, when you feel like you are backed up against a wall in any area of your life, practice listening

Emily Tully