PRACTICE: Being Human

I think I am in love with the term “Practice: Being Human” because it seems like such a paradox. Right? We are human, why would we have to practice being just that? What I mean is to practice feeling the human spirit. You were not just plucked and put on this Earth to be mediocre at best. You were brought here (miraculously) because your soul was meant to shine and serve.

In the past couple of months, I have been leaning into my philanthropic heart with charity events and serving those in need. Let me tell you how much more connected to source I feel! I ran a full marathon where I saw and heard people cheering on other strangers because we were all in Chicago for one reason; to complete a marathon. When I think about life, why not cheer for everyone around you? Aren’t we all here for one reason? To feel love, be radiant and serve our hearts to the world so that in penetrates to people who truly need it; and one day you will be the recipient rather than the generator because you will be in need.

I also volunteered with All Hands Volunteers for hurricane relief in Houston, Texas. The devastation I saw was horrific on so many levels; mold in houses, toys monogrammed with initials on them left at the curb, cherished belongings destroyed, etc. Despite this scene, I felt human spirit and hope. I heard stories of people quitting their jobs to come to the affected area to serve, I met people from all over the U.S taking time off of work and their lives to live in a church for a week and perform laborious tasks each day from 8am-4pm, I held hands with homeowners while they repeatedly thanked me. This is it. This is practicing being human. This is why my soul is here.

As I drove away from the church where All Hands Volunteers hold as their base, I started to cry (and now I am again). I realized one thing these past few weeks and it's this; the most beautiful and miraculous feeling any human can ever feel is the rawness of being human. When you feel that your whole body will feel it (for me, it’s my tear ducts :)). XO


Emily Tully