I remember when I was 21 years old in my first classroom after graduate school, I had a full blown breakdown...before the first day of school. I was never going to be able to do this or get all of this work done before the shiny smiles strode through my door, I thought. Just then, my mentor (not sure if she knows I call her this!) strode into room 201 and delivered a pile of papers that she had just run off for me. She saw me in tears at my desk and could sense my doubt from the doorway. The next words she spoke stuck to me like Gorilla Glue adhering two shattered pieces back together again. “It will all get done, my dear. Less is more sometimes.”

I gave this sweet woman an uncanny smile and thought to myself, “Easy for you to say!” I completed all that I could that day in my classroom and went home, most likely licking my wounds in a bath, adorned with some tasty adult drink on the ledge.

Fast forward to years later and I still think of these words in my head. Only now, they mean something to me. I understand just what she was saying to me as on the first day of school I was fine; everything was fine. In addition, the whole year was fine and everything “got done”. I have learned that everything on my to-do list does NOT need to be checked off in order for me to go to bed and it all doesn’t need to be 110%. Sometimes a C+ day is A-OK (and most of the time that C+ day is a ton of other people’s A+ day!). With this, learn to accept that life is this ebb and flow and the more we learn that “everything will get done (that needs to be done) and that less is more” we will be in harmony with our own souls and the souls around us.

You may be reading this and thinking just as I did, “Easy for you to say, teach!” But wait! Hear me out. What would happen if you crossed out something on your physical to-do list or mental “get shit done” list? (I am not being sexist here, promise :) HA! I just laughed). And what if you you added something for you? Something that seems silly- like putting my headphones on and going for a 10 minute walk or actually ENJOYING my coffee, just sitting (no screens or books!)? This is what I am talking about. When we let the universe know that we trust it’s abundance, it works in our favor and everything gets done. I swear. Xo

Emily Tully